Community Students exists to affirm churched and unchurched 5th-12th grade students as they become authentic and sacrificial followers of Jesus Christ; mobilizing them to intentionally make Him known. 

Affirm:  We believe that students are growing and developing at a high rate of speed during these years. Just look at shoe sizes, pants that don’t fit anymore, and your empty food cupboards for proof. As they grow physically our hope is to help parents navigate their students' spiritual growth as well.  Students will need many things over the next 7 years, but one of the most important will be to affirm all they have been taught about Jesus, the Gospel, and the Bible. We want to be a ministry that will partner with you through this process.  

Mobilize:  We also believe that students need a coach at this stage.  A coach who will allow students to play.  To run the plays of life, even if they don’t get it right. We want to give them a practice field to figure out how to make their relationship with Jesus their own. They will also need a team. Growth happens best through community. We will strive to mobilize students together, rather than apart.  

What to Expect: A normal Community Student time will have 3 elements to it. 


Fun:  Every time they get together we will make sure that they have fun. Whether it is through games, challenges, or amazing food, we will have fun! 

Teaching: Every month they will be challenged to live out what they believe through teaching that is Gospel focused and culturally relevant. 

Circles:  Every month they will have an opportunity to be known by others in a small group. Every month students will be able to share their lives with other students and amazing, grace-filled leaders.