Staying connected to each other here at Community is important to us! To help with this we offer an online directory for our members and regular attenders. Being in the directory gives you the ability to keep your information you share with us up to date, get contact information for others here at community, view your giving, and receive e-mails regarding various activities we have at Community.

Being added to the directory

If you desire to be added to our online directory simply fill out the information form by clicking the directory form button above. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once you have been added to the system.

Setting up a new account

Once you have registered using the online form and have received your confirmation e-mail follow the following steps to access the directory:

  1. Click online directory link above

  2. Select forgot password

  3. Enter e-mail address you provided on the form

  4. You will be e-mailed your username and password

  5. Log in!

Using Directory App

Once you have created your account via the website you can download the app and access the directory right from your phone!

Domain: communitybibleonline
Username & Password: use the username and password you set up when creating your account (you cannot set up those in the app)