The Bible teaches us that membership is an important part of following the authority of Jesus. In a an age of non-commitment and fast results, membership points us to something deeper and richer.  It is something that has been part of the church for thousands of years and is meant for your encouragement, protection, and joy!  During this process you will hear about our story, mission, vision, and expectations of members.

Step 1: Attend a Membership Seminar
This membership seminar is designed to help you learn more about our church and what it would mean to commit to this congregation. We will also explain the membership covenant and answer any questions you have. Upon completion, those who attend the membership seminar are able, but not obligated, to sign up for a membership interview, the second step of the membership process. 

Step 2:  Complete the Membership Packet. 
This will give us an opportunity to learn more about your story, conversion, and church involvement. 

Step 3: Begin the Journey to Membership. 
        A.  Filling out S.H.A.P.E. forms
        B.  Filling out Membership Application 

Step 4: Membership Interview.
In a 20-30 minute meeting, the prospective member meets with an elder or a community group leader to answer any remaining questions that you may have. This meeting fosters community with those pursuing membership by providing the leaders an opportunity to spend time with each potential member.  The prospective member would then sign the statement of faith and church covenant, and then the application will be reviewed by the Lead Pastor. 

Step 5: Elder Recommendation.
Your application and testimony will be reviewed by our Lead Pastor and elders. Once approved, one would be admitted to membership. 

If you have any questions about the membership process, please feel free to email us at